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Writing Report info. A rescue worker uses a two-way radio transceiver during heavy snowfall at a factory area devastated by an earthquake and tsunami in Sendai, northern Japan, 16 March 2011. Find Writing Report at

Quakebot Los Angeles Times' robot journalist writes article. The worst thing is that this incredible destructive force can occur quite unpredictably, as it’s a sudden slip in the earth’s crust, causing the earth to shake and bringing huge harm to society. Ken Schwencke, a journalist and programmer for the Los Angeles Times, was jolted awake at a.m. on Monday by an earthquake. He rolled out of bed and.

Japan earthquake and tsunami TES - Recently, Nepal has been hit by an earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale. - People were caught unawares on the morning of 25 April as the earthquake struck. Literacy - Report writing. Writing a news report - Japan earthquake 2011 KS2 / KS3 English - Writing Geography. Non chronological report, writing frame- Widgit.

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